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Access my machine



Learn the basics to get started and then master techniques that help you get the most out of Netfabb

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To Configure Workspaces with My Machines


Steps to set up, select to load, group, and manage machine workspaces

To access My Machines , choose Prepare > Open My Machines from the main menu.

To define machines

When launching this feature for the first time, or after deleting the last defined machine, the list is empty and you will have to define a machine to work with one.

  1. With the My Machines dialog open, click Add Machine .
  2. Select an entry from Supported machines , Generic machines or Build platforms .

Supported machines combine build platforms and routines and settings specific to the indiv >Netfabb includes a wide range of these.

These are similar to the supported machines in that they combine a build platform with AM-machine-specific routines. However, they do not target specific models and can (or must) be configured to match your actual machine.

Build platforms are comprised by the X, Y, and Z dimensions of build rooms. Netfabb includes an extensive list of 3D-printing machine models on the market, so rather than having to obtain the dimensions and to define a build room entirely manually, you can search for your machine and select it easily.

This creates an entry in the My Machines list on the left.

To manage groups

Groups are always listed at the topmost positions, followed by machines.

To assign scripts and templates

To assign a script, it must already exist in the relevant module, and to assign a template, it must already exist in the form of a 3MF file or as an arrangement of parts on the current machine workspace’s build platform.

  1. Select the machine to assign a script or template to.
  2. Click Edit .
  3. Select scripts from the drop-down menus, or navigate to the file to be used as a template.
  4. Click Save Machine .

Alternatively, save an arrangement of parts existing on the build platform as a template.

  1. Make sure to have the correct machine workspace loaded and focused.
  2. Load or generate the required parts and arrange them as desired.
  3. Select all parts, then choose File >Export part > as Machine Template .

This makes the parts available immediately for completing the machine set-up in My Machines .

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