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Office interop assemblies

Microsoft Office 2013 Primary Interop Assemblies(PIA)

We are having hard time trying to figure out if PIA is installed on office 2013. It’s not showing on control panel-> add/remove programs or even at the install package of office 2013. I tried to google PIA for 2013 and found nothing useful. I followed the links below but no help.. Can you advise how to install PIA for office 2013?

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which windows
which version of Visual Studio?
Office Primary Interop Assemblies

I’m running windows 7 x32 with Office 2013
In the search I typed
Primary Interop Assemblies
And it finds one but for Pinnacle Studio

A primary interop assembly is a unique, vendor-supplied assembly that contains type definitions (as metadata) of types implemented with COM.
There can be only one primary interop assembly, which must be signed with a strong name by the publisher of the COM type library.
A single primary interop assembly can wrap more than one version of the same type library.
In This Section
Producing Primary Interop Assemblies
Describes how to name, generate, customize, and distribute primary interop assemblies. This section is for publishers of COM type libraries.

I cant fully answer that SuperRoot, maybe a good idea to ask the mods to send out a ping to more experienced experts.
I believe this interop is programmed with VB or through .net and does not appear in add in remove programs until it is invoked in com
Understanding COM Interop
.NET interoperability comes into three flavors:
•Interoperability of .NET code with COM components (called as COM interop)
•Interoperability of COM components with .NET (called .NET interop)
•Interoperability of .NET code with Win32 DLLs (called P/Invoke)
Each of these models have different requirements and best practices and this article we will discuss about COM interop.
More specifically, we will see how to write a COM component and then invoke it from .NET.
We will also see some best practices for developing well behaved COM interop solutions.

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According to MS Visual Studio
When you create a new Office project, Visual Studio adds references to the PIAs that are required to build the project.
In some scenarios, you might need to add references to additional PIAs (for example, if you want to use a feature of Microsoft Office Word in a project for Microsoft Office Excel).
This topic describes the following aspects of using the Microsoft Office PIAs in Office projects:

Ask away SuperRoot always good to ask lots of questions but I may not be able answer them.
Regards Merete

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